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    Just had my VW Jetta serviced at this location.  Graham is an ethical mechanic, two words that usually does not go together.  I went to the dealership to get a quote and was amazed at how expensive it was, went to G Imports, HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS cheaper for the same parts and service, and they finished it in a timely manner.

    Now I know the dealership is supposed to be more expensive but what a difference.  Graham took the time to explain to me what was being done.  Also he told me some things that mechanics/dealers might do to up sell you on services and parts you don’t need.

    I’ve been looking for a regular mechanic.  I have found one.

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    Graham is very honest and straightforward. He was able to do the work that the dealership estimated to be $2000 for only $1200. I won’t be taking my VW anywhere else but G Imports for repairs!

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    If you need your VW worked on, take it to Graham at G-Imports!  He takes care of my Phaeton, and I can’t imagine taking it elsewhere.  Case in point: one of my suspension airbags blew out, rendering the car undriveable.  VW’s official fix action is to replace them on all 4 wheels as well as the controller, since they no longer make the original part.  Since I wasn’t looking to spend $10k on a 10 year old car, Graham suggested we try replacing only the blown suspension airbag to see if it would work with the original suspension system.  He was very clear that this was experimental, but it worked like a charm!  Any mechanic who suggests a way to save me thousands of dollars is worth his weight in gold.  If you have a German car, take it to G-Imports and save yourself worry and money.

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    Graham is the best. He is so quick and extremely knowledgable when it comes to cars. The best part is that he is straight to the point and honest with what you need repaired. Super reasonable prices too. I had a check engine light and came in without an appt. and he still looked at my car, fixed the problem, and it was free of charge! I drive an Audi and wouldn’t go to anyone else. Go see him, you won’t regret it.

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    I haven’t had any work done on my car from G-Imports yet but I called to ask if they do repairs for a particular issue I was having.  I spoke with Scott and he was kind and honest enough to mention that I should ask the manufacturer first because there are extended warranties for the part that was in need of replacement.   Trustworthy mechanics are not easy to find and I’ll be taking my car here when I need repair in the future.

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    The place to go for your Audi/VW in the south bay. Several times Graham has been completely straightforward and honest with me, and always gone out of his way to find the best deal on parts.

    After a recent visit and repair, my check engine light came back on 2 weeks later. Graham took my car back in, spent all day working on it, fixed the problem and didn’t charge me a dime extra. Great mechanic.

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    1 check-in here

    5 Stars all the way for Graham and the G-Imports team!

    I own a 2001 VW Jetta and I’ve taken it to many different VW dealers in the area and have spent countless dollars to get it fixed. I always had the feeling that I was getting ripped off but I just didn’t know any other place that I can take my car to. One morning, I was driving on PCH to go to work and noticed a sign on the side of the road that read: “G Imports. Get Fixed, Not Broke.” The sign intrigued me and I yelped this place. Bingo! All 5 stars. I knew I had to give this place a shot.

    Well, it’s been 2 years since then, and I couldn’t be happier. Before finding G-Imports, I always dreaded taking my car in for service because they always seem to “find” something wrong with my car, but now I have a mechanic who I can totally trust. Basically, if Graham tells me I need something, I really need it. I’ve been so happy with my experience that even my husband has been taking his Acura to Graham lately.

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    Five stars for Graham and G-Imports!

    He is an honest mechanic with a true passion for cars. He helped me squeeze as many miles as possible out of my ’98 Audi A4 until I could afford to upgrade to a newer one. Graham will tell you what services you really need, he always has a quick turnaround for service, and is very reasonable with his prices. He must have some local hookups for parts, because whenever he ordered parts for my car, they came in the next day. Can’t beat that.

    The only downsides are that that the shop is not open on Saturday and since it is an independent shop, they don’t give loaner cars out. Pacific Audi in Torrance does both of these things, which is where I currently go because my new A4 is still under warranty. However, once the warranty expires, you bet I’ll ditch the dealership and be back to see Graham (but hopefully not too often!).

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    This place is awesome…

    Did a great job explaining what was wrong with my car & what needed to be fixed and didn’t charge me an arm & a leg.  Would recommend over & over agin.

    Great experience!

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    There are two qualities to look for in a car mechanic:

    Quality of Work and Ethics.

    Graham at G-imports is one of the best, a good, honest mechanic.  I went to Graham after being told by another Volvo mechanic that my car needed $6k worth of work.  I didn’t believe it, Graham had a couple of his guys look at it and gave my car a clean bill of health without charging me a dime.  He could have easily concurred with my prior mechanic and sold me some service.  He didn’t.  Furthermore, the work he’s done on our Touareg is top notch.

    GREAT place to take your car.  You can trust them.  Thanks, Graham!

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    First to Review

    I brought my ’69 in for a major electrical overhaul. done in less than 24 hours for $400.
    Graham knows his stuff. Too bad that his shop is so far away from my new home.
    if you own an air-cooled VW, Graham is the guy who should work on it.
    But that’s just my opinion.
    I have an oil change / valve adjustment coming up soon. i’ll review that experience once it’s done.

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    I drove a 99 beetle from 2004-2011, and during those years, I had Graham on my speed dial. I was the most air-headed 16 year old girl to ever receive a cute car for her birthday, and I knew absolutely nothing about cars.

    Graham and the other guys at the shop have always been patient and sweet to me and my constantly broken little car.  My hard earned money was spent well at G-Imports and I knew I never needed to ask around for another price quote, Graham’s pricing is fair and he’s always kindly explained to me where each dime goes to. I’ve heard and experienced too many times where car dudes overcharge unknowing women for repairs or unrequested maintenance. This of course never happens at G-imports. In fact, even while I lived in Santa Barbara, I used to call Graham and describe to him what was happening over the phone, and he would give me some advice on what to do or where to take it to get the cheapest best solution, even if it wasn’t with his company. You don’t get service like this anymore.

    Last year, I sold the ole buggie and bought a new Honda Fit so I don’t really have a need for G-imports anymore. (Although if I feel like somethings not right with the service at the dealer, I am bringing my Japanese car in for Graham to look at!)

    Many thanks to Graham and the guys for their help over the years!

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    For me it comes down to “trust” and I trust G-Imports. I am with Graham now for 10 years and the only “complaint” I have is that he is not open on Saturdays. That forced me for a while to take my car to other shops, but I soon  realized that this is not an option.
    When I bought another used car he was there for me and insisted that I do not buy a car prior to him checking it out !!! G-Imports rocks !!!

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    Wow, This guy is a real mechanic that is honest  and trustworthy. I brought my 2007 Audi in that was just out of warranty and he let me know that if I brought it back to the Audi dealer that they would most likely cover most or all the the cost of this particular repair. The other Audi Mechanic (not G-Import) I brought my car to before G-Imports wanted to charge me $1,700 for repairs and missed the service bulletin.  As it turned out the Audi dealer covered all but $132.00 for the repairs.  If you are looking for a great Mechanic with integrity this is your shop.  I will be doing all my service at this shop from now on.
    Steve Vorel 310-21`8-8843

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    The other day I turned on my car to find that it was making a horrible sound.  I drove directly to G Imports because it sounded like something I should take seriously.  Graham’s trained ear was able to discern that it sounded like my water pump was about to break.  He then told me everything that was probably going to need to be repaired.

    Graham was able to get my car fixed that day and at the price he quoted for the parts and labor.  I have been taking my cars to Graham for something like fifteen years.  He has always done a great job at a fair price.

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    I drive a 2003 Jetta and I’ve had a couple good experiences with G-Imports. They seem to know what they’re doing, my car runs great, and their prices are fair. Nothing but good experiences with them.

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